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Double Drum Hull Beater

  • Easy operation
  • High efficiency
  • Regain the meat of the oilseeds

Double Drum Hull Beater is produced for oilseed pretreatment process to separate kernel and shell, after the oilseed is crushed by Dehulling process.

The machine regain the meat of the crushed seeds with two opposite rotating drums lined with rods inside and the perforated sheets. The meats are moved by helical conveyors to the pressing room while the separated hulls are conveyed to Hull/Husk Room.

This process provides high efficiency and production at edible oil processing plants.
We are producing big and small type of the machine due to the capacity needs.

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Technical Description


Dimension (mm.)


Motor Power (H.P.)




(MT/ 24 H.)

Main Motor

Shaker Motor





125 (± 10%)







(± 10%)



Keller & Vardarcı Industries Company has the right to make changes in the capacity and dimensions of its products.

DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER: Elevating Oilseed Pretreatment with Efficiency

In the world of oilseed pretreatment, where efficiency and precision are paramount, the DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER shines as a remarkable solution. This state-of-the-art machine offers an array of features that redefine the standards of separating kernels and shells from oilseeds. With ease of operation, high efficiency, and the ability to regain the valuable meat of crushed seeds, this machine is at the forefront of oilseed pretreatment technology.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Operation: The DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER has been ingeniously designed for easy operation, ensuring that operators of varying expertise can use it confidently.

  2. High Efficiency: Efficiency is a hallmark of this machine. It optimizes the pretreatment process, ensuring that the valuable meat of crushed seeds is effectively separated from the shells.

  3. Meat Regain: The machine excels in regaining the meat of the crushed seeds, ensuring that none of the valuable components are wasted in the pretreatment process.

Ideal for Oilseed Pretreatment:

The DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER is primarily used for oilseed pretreatment to separate kernels and shells after the oilseed has undergone the Dehulling process. Its specialized design ensures that the process is efficient and precise.

Dual Drum Design for Efficiency:

The machine achieves its high efficiency through two opposite rotating drums lined with rods inside and perforated sheets. This combination ensures that the meat of the crushed seeds is effectively separated from the shells.

Efficient Material Handling:

Helical conveyors are employed to move the regained meat from the drums to the pressing room, while the separated hulls are conveyed to the Hull/Husk Room. This streamlined material handling process enhances efficiency and ensures that the valuable components are directed to their respective destinations.

Tailored to Capacity Needs:

Recognizing that oilseed pretreatment facilities have varying capacity requirements, the DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER is available in both big and small types. This versatility ensures that each customer can choose the machine that aligns perfectly with their specific capacity needs.

In conclusion, the DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER is a testament to innovation and engineering excellence in the realm of oilseed pretreatment machinery. Its easy operation, high efficiency, and ability to regain valuable seed meat make it an indispensable asset for any edible oil processing plant. This machine not only ensures efficient kernel and shell separation but also raises industry standards, where precision and efficiency are the keys to success. Invest in the DOUBLE DRUM HULL BEATER and experience the future of oilseed pretreatment, where ease of operation and meat regain go hand in hand.

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Keller & Vardarcı Industries Ltd. established in 2004 in Izmir, Turkey, is a joint venture of two family-managed companies, KEK Egon Keller GmbH & Co, Germany and Vardarcı Makina Ltd. Sti., Turkey. It’s located in Aegean Free Zone, Izmir, Turkey.

Keller & Vardarcı designs and manufactures cottonseed and other oilseed processing machinery worldwide; including equipment and parts for cottonseed Delinting, Linter machinery, Lint cleaners, Motes cleaning, cottonseed Bale Press machinery, Saw sharpening machinery for Delinting, cotton ginning, Seed cleaners, Dehulling & Decorticating machinery, Filter presses, Oil Presses, Cookers, Oil Press Expellers, spare parts for own manufactured machinery and for other brands etc.

We supply turnkey projects for edible oil sector, as a leader company in edible oil processing machinery and equipment. Our products are being manufactured by experienced specialists, with more than 50 years manufacturer competency of two family companies. Also, we provide our clients engineering assistance, service and maintenance following the machinery installation.

Some of the supplied oil plants for various seeds;  in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Zambia, North-Africa, Uzbekistan and Brazil. Our ongoing projects continue in Africa and Uzbekistan. Our machinery and equipment and spare parts are being sent to all around the World.

Keller & Vardarcı is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and all products are CE marked.

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