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Linter Machine - KV-176

    • 176 pcs. Saw Blanks on the Strong Shaft
    • Strong Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Easy and Safety Removable Saw Shaft
    • Electronic Feeding System with Magnet Protection
    • Good Quality Lint Producing

For cottonseed delinting process cut out mechanically by saws and linters are removed from the saws by a brush cylinder and carried away pneumatically.

The delinter is designed as a rigid structural all steel frame. All bearings are of first class brand heavy-duty quality. The dynamically balanced saw shaft is equipped with special designed saw spacer rings and 176 saws 0,045’’ thickness and 18 inches diameter, made from special alloy steel as made in Germany, to guarantee a long lifetime.

Saw cylinder removal is carried out with the use of double lever controlled hydraulic mechanism, which will remove the saw cylinder from the bearing mounts and presents it to the overhead hoist.

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Technical Description


Dimensions (mm.)

Saw blanks


Motor Power (H.P.)




(MT/24 H.)


Saw Shaft

Float shaft






1st Cut /1е ≈ ≈ 40 (± 10%)
2nd Cut /2е ≈ 25 (± 10%)




Keller & Vardarcı Industries Company has the right to make changes in the capacity and dimensions of its products.

LINTER MACHINE: High Capacity and Efficiency in Cottonseed Delinting

In the realm of cottonseed delinting, the quest for high capacity and efficiency has led to the development of the Linter Machine. This sophisticated piece of equipment boasts an array of features that redefine the standards of cottonseed processing.

Key Features:

  1. Robust Saw Blanks and Hydraulic Power: The Linter Machine is a powerhouse with 176 saw blanks mounted on a robust shaft. It's driven by strong hydraulic cylinders, ensuring seamless and efficient delinting operations.

  2. Safety and Maintenance: Safety is paramount, and the Linter Machine has been designed with this in mind. The saw shaft can be easily and safely removed, making maintenance a breeze and guaranteeing the machine's longevity.

  3. Electronic Feeding System with Magnet Protection: An electronic feeding system, fortified with magnet protection, ensures a consistent flow of cottonseed. This not only boosts efficiency but also acts as a shield against impurities.

  4. Exceptional Lint Quality: The Linter Machine is a master at producing high-quality lint. In the cottonseed delinting process, it employs mechanical saws to precisely cut out lint from the seeds. A brush cylinder then efficiently removes the lint from the saws, and a pneumatic system carries it away.

Top-Tier Design and Construction:

This delinting marvel represents the pinnacle of capacity and efficiency in the industry. It's designed with a rugged all-steel frame that exudes strength and durability. Every bearing used in the machine is of top-tier quality, ensuring reliability even in the most demanding operating conditions.

The saw shaft, a critical component, is dynamically balanced and equipped with specially designed saw spacer rings. It hosts 176 saws, each measuring 0.045 inches in thickness and boasting an 18-inch diameter. These saws are crafted from a special alloy steel reminiscent of German craftsmanship, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan.

The grate fall ribs are of impeccable quality, contributing to seamless lint removal. Brushes used in the process are crafted exclusively from natural fibers, while brush bodies and rails are constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum.

Effortless Operation and Maintenance:

User-friendliness is a hallmark of the Linter Machine. The removal of the saw cylinder is simplified through a double lever-controlled hydraulic mechanism. This innovative system effortlessly disengages the saw cylinder from its bearing mounts, making it ready for hoisting by an overhead mechanism. Ease of operation and maintenance ensures that downtime is minimized, and productivity is maximized.

In conclusion, the Linter Machine represents the cutting edge of cottonseed delinting technology. With its high capacity, exceptional efficiency, and commitment to safety and maintenance ease, it is a formidable asset for any cottonseed processing facility. This machine not only ensures the production of top-quality lint but also elevates the standards of cottonseed delinting to new heights. Invest in the Linter Machine and experience the future of cottonseed processing.

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