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Oil Foots Vibration Screens

  • Long-lasting usage
  • Good oil cleaning before the filtering process
  • Easy maintenance

Oil foots vibration screens machine is used before filter pressing process for oil filtering with its special vibration system. It's effective to receive clean oil for filtering.

The machine designed as a rigid structure all steel frame providing long-lasting usage. It provides also easy maintenance for the customer.

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Technical description


Dimensions (mm.)


Vibration Motor Power (kW)








40 (± 10%)

0,5 (2 pcs.)

Keller & Vardarcı Industries Company has the right to make changes in the capacity and dimensions of its products.

OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS: Enhancing Oil Cleaning with Precision

In the world of oil processing, where the quality of the final product is paramount, OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS emerge as a crucial solution. These specialized machines offer features that redefine the standards of oil cleaning before the filtering process. With a focus on long-lasting usage, effective oil cleaning, and ease of maintenance, these screens play a vital role in ensuring clean oil for filtering.

Key Features:

  1. Long-Lasting Usage: OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS are constructed with durability in mind. Their rigid all-steel frame guarantees long-lasting usage even in demanding oil processing environments.

  2. Effective Oil Cleaning: These screens are equipped with a special vibration system designed to effectively clean oil before the filtering process. This system ensures that the oil is free from impurities, enhancing the quality of the final product.

  3. Easy Maintenance: Maintenance is simplified to ensure that customers can easily keep the machine in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Critical Role in Oil Filtering:

OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS are strategically used before the filter pressing process in oil filtering. Their specialized vibration system ensures that impurities and foots are effectively separated from the oil, resulting in a cleaner oil ready for the filtering process.

Enhancing Oil Quality:

The screens' primary objective is to enhance the quality of the oil before it undergoes further processing. By efficiently removing impurities and foots, they contribute to the production of a higher quality final product.

In conclusion, OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS are a testament to innovation and engineering excellence in the realm of oil processing machinery. Their focus on long-lasting usage, effective oil cleaning, and ease of maintenance make them indispensable assets for any oil processing facility. These screens not only ensure effective oil cleaning but also raise industry standards, where quality and purity are the keys to success. Invest in OIL FOOTS VIBRATION SCREENS and experience the future of oil processing, where precision and quality are guaranteed.

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