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Sawgin Spare Parts

Our partner, KEK offers the whole range of spare parts and accessories, such as Gin Saws, Gin Ribs, Aluminium Ribs and Rings, Channel Saws, Reclaimer Saws, Bearing, Housings and Pillow Blocks, V-Belts and Timing Belts, Sheaves and Pulleys, Chains, Sprockets, Hydraulic Pumps and Valves, Motors, Fans, Blowers, Saw Cylinders, Brushes, etc.
Additionally we can supply second hand machines and complete second hand ginning factories.

Oil Press spare parts, all of which we produce using high quality steel and advanced technology manufacturing approach: It is manufactured according to all brands and models of Oil Press machines, such as Press Worms, Press Bars, Press Collars, Conical parts, Scrapes, Liners, Press Shafts, Bolts and Press Cage. Press Bars for Expeller Type Oil Press in Oil Crushing Mills; By using high quality steel, it is produced in precise dimensions with special heat treatment and quality workmanship, providing efficient and long-lasting use. It is used with admiration in all brands and models of Oil Press machines, as well as Keller &Vardarci Oil Presses Worldwide.
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SAWGIN SPARE PARTS: Ensuring Seamless Operation

In the realm of machinery and equipment maintenance, having access to high-quality spare parts and accessories is crucial for ensuring seamless operation. Our partner, KEK, offers a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories to meet various needs across different industries. Here's a glimpse of what's available:

Ginning Machinery Spare Parts and Accessories:

  • Gin Saws
  • Gin Ribs
  • Aluminium Ribs and Rings
  • Channel Saws
  • Reclaimer Saws
  • Bearing Housings and Pillow Blocks
  • V-Belts and Timing Belts
  • Sheaves and Pulleys
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Valves
  • Motors, Fans, Blowers
  • Saw Cylinders
  • Brushes

These spare parts and accessories are designed to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of ginning machinery, and they cater to various components and needs within the industry.

Second-Hand Machinery and Ginning Factories: In addition to spare parts, our offerings extend to second-hand machinery and complete second-hand ginning factories. This provides cost-effective options for those seeking to expand or upgrade their ginning operations.

Oil Press Spare Parts: For oil processing equipment, the availability of high-quality spare parts is equally important. Our spare parts for oil presses are crafted with precision and quality in mind. Some of the components we offer include:

  • Press Worms
  • Press Bars
  • Press Collars
  • Conical Parts
  • Scrapes
  • Liners
  • Press Shafts
  • Bolts
  • Press Cages

These oil press spare parts are produced using high-quality steel and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring their durability and efficiency. They are suitable for various brands and models of oil press machines and are particularly esteemed for their efficient and long-lasting performance.

Whether you are in the ginning or oil processing industry, having reliable spare parts and accessories at your disposal is essential for maintaining operational continuity. Our offerings ensure that you have access to the right components and equipment to keep your machinery running smoothly.


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